Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nail Designs You Can Do Yourself

Rhinestone nail designs

Here is an easy nail design you can do yourself. The first step is to give yourself a French manicure. If you love to get your nails all the time at the salon, you may already have this step completed. Next, create fire like strokes using red nail polish. The strokes should be thicker than usual to really make your nails pop. The final touch is placing a rhinestone right at the heart of the red flames. Who knew there were nail designs that you really could do yourself?

The Power of Nail Art Gems

Rhinestone nail designs

More advanced nail fanatics may be interested in this eye catching work of art. This gem nail art is bold and tranquil at the same time. The clear gems is what adds a celestial quality about these simple nail designs. These nail art gems feature all sizes but they all are lined up after each other. Perhaps the only thing hard about this look is getting around town!

From Simple to Sophisticated with Rhinestones| Simple Nail Designs

The best part about simple nail designs is that you do not always have to draw the designs yourself. There are a ton of nail art supplies available that will give your nails the “special touch” that they need. A very popular form of nail art used with simple nail designs are rhinestones. Rhinestones for nails create elegant simple nail designs.

Simple nail designs: How do women use rhinestones for nails?

Rhinestone and gem nail designs

Rhinestones for nails can be applied in several ways, depending on the type of gem. Some rhinestones for nails are self-adhesive and some need to be applied using glue. For beginner’s practicing simple nail designs for the first time, self-adhesive rhinestones are best. Advanced nail fanatics may prefer applying rhinestones for nails with glue because they are more durable. Some women decide not to use glue at all and find it easier to just use wet nail polish.

To apply the rhinestones, spread them out on your table or on a plate. Rhinestones are very small and difficult to pick up, so spreading them apart before creating your simple nail designs will make things less arduous. The rhinestones should also be facing upwards for easy application. Next, apply nail polish to your nails and create your simple nail designs. Now, take a toothpick and dip the tip of it into some clear nail polish. Using the tip of the toothpick, pick up one of the rhinestones and place it on your nail. If your nail polish is still wet, the rhinestone will release easily. Press down on the rhinestone gently with your finger to keep it in place. Repeat the process until all of your rhinestones for nails have been set. Finally, apply a clear top of nail polish to your nails to keep the rhinestones in place. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

Sophisticated Lady: More Rhinestones

Simple DIY Nail Designs

Whether you are having a night on the town or attending an elegant social, you can never go wrong with simple DIY nail designs that with decorative rhinestones. Rhinestones have the natural ability to add refinery to any simple nail design you choose. Just make sure not to overdo it, unless you are going for the “bling” effect.

Rhinestone nail design

Although designs may seem difficult at first, many you can do yourself if you break the design down into patterns, shapes and layers. Simple DIY nail designs frequently include a play on the French nail manicure. The French nail manicure is a classic look that can be jazzed up to suit all occasions.

For this simple DIY nail design look, paint a thick, silver stripe diagonally across the tips of your fingers. Try to find a nail polish that has a high concentration of glitter so that it shows on your nails. Otherwise, you can always paint another coat on top.

Next, paint a thick, white stripe diagonally across your fingers, right beneath the silver stripe. This stripe will be longer in length than the silver one.

Apply 3-4 rhinestones to the base of your nail. The pattern of the rhinestones should bend slightly in the direction of the white and silver stripes you painted earlier. To apply the rhinestones, find ones that have an adhesive back, or simply place them on wet nail polish. Then paint over them (and your entire simple DIY nail designs) with a clear coat of nail polish.

Nail tip! Ditch the rhinestones if you will be creating this simple DIY nail design on short nails. There is simply not enough room for the rhinestones. If you must use them, place the rhinestones along the base of the white stripe, instead of underneath the white stripe.